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Enable the Digital Future of Production

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Become part of the community and let us create the Industrial Cloud together!


Contact us via eMail for more and learn how we can unlock the full potential of IIoT and work together to accelerate the development of digital solutions for production, logistics and supply chain management.

  • What does the Industrial Cloud offer?

    The value of the Industrial Cloud is resting on three elements covering the end-to-end journey for IIoT solutions:

    • The community includes partners, who are contributing and consuming new solutions to address a wide range of challenges in manufacturing and logistics. An Industrial Cloud Consumer is an enterprise purchasing and consuming solutions from the marketplace. An Industrial Cloud Contributor is an enterprise providing solutions to the marketplace. All members of the Industrial Cloud Community benefit from being part of a broad network of like-minded companies. It offers the opportunity to network with other members of the Industrial Cloud and connect to exchange ideas.
    • The marketplace is a trusted and secure environment for consuming and contributing proven manufacturing and supply chain solutions. It provides a portfolio of proven IIoT solutions and data insights to empower automotive and manufacturing industries. The marketplace allow companies to focus their resources on optimizing production, creating new business opportunities for smart products, and improving operational efficiency across the entire value chain. 
    • The open platform addresses major challenges across the entire supply chain in automotive and manufacturing companies, by connecting production to the cloud and enabling the development of new digital solutions. The open platform provides modular service development, easy adaption of solutions & cost-efficiency through operating synergies. It also offers seamless connection of shop floor and cloud by providing connectors, proven edge computing & integration standards.
  • Who can join the Industrial Cloud?

    Companies that share the vision of the Industrial Cloud to accelerate the development and evolution of cloud-based production, logistics and supply chain management solutions are invited to join.

  • How can I join the Industrial Cloud?

    Any company interested in joining the Industrial Cloud can get in contact by sending an email to IC-partner@volkswagen.de

  • How will partners participate in the Industrial Cloud?

    Partners will participate in the Industrial Cloud through one or more of the following ways:

    • Build their own solutions using Industrial Cloud platform services
    • Acquire and use applications and services from other Industrial Cloud partners
    • Build and contribute applications and services to the Industrial Cloud
    • Design, implement and deploy solutions for Industrial Cloud partners
  • What are the different types of partners that will participate in the Industrial Cloud?

    Partners that will participate in the Industrial Cloud will include parts suppliers, industrial equipment and technology providers, software and solution vendors, system integrators, logistics providers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The Industrial Cloud provides solutions for the challenges within the wider automotive and manufacturing industry along the entire supply chain.

  • What solutions will the Industrial Cloud offer?

    The Industrial Cloud will provide solutions to key manufacturing use cases, including but not limited to digital shop floor management, predictive maintenance, smart and predictive quality, smart production process management, smart identification and localization and material flow track and trace.

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