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Energy Management | Reduce energy costs

Energy Management helps to reduce your energy cost, discover energy saving potentials and meet national efficiency standards

A lack of transparency and inability to identify energy-consuming machines and high energy production processes is a known challenge in automotive and manufacturing. Often, tools to realize hard-to-achieve sustainability goals are missing and taxation of energy consumption is increasing in many countries.

The Energy Management Solution enables the collection and visualization of where and when energy is consumed per line, plant, or enterprise. Therefore, it is possible to analyze data over time, identify peaks and optimize energy consumption, considering standards such as ISO50001.

With help of Energy Management, a reduction of up to 10% of electrical energy consumption as well as energy reporting compliant with ISO50001 standards is possible. Energy Management therefore serves as a basis for proven sustainability towards customers and other stakeholders.

  • Technical Requirements

    • As a technical requirement, the availability of MindSphere, IC SaaS and the SIMATIV Energy Manager app is mandatory. In addition, the ability to ingest all relevant energy data into MindSphere or IC SaaS is required.
    • From a hardware perspective, Energy meters to collect the required data needed to be implemented are inevitable. The solution is not linked to specific hardware from a specific vendor.
    • Employee qualification requires an understanding of energy flows to define the right measurement points. Nevertheless, the utilization of the application is easy enough to be learned by anyone.
  • Supported industries

    • Industrial Machinery & Manufcturing
    • Automotive
    • Aerospace
    • Process Industry

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