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Bosch Rexroth now enables detailed online welding data analysis in real time

Facilitating data transfer and analysis in the Cloud with the IoT Connector

Testing and reworking of welding points is currently a major expense for the OEM since there are, on average, over 5000 welding spots per manufactured car. Time-intensive quality checks are often made randomly and manually using ultra-sonic technology. The aim of the data analysis of the welding process is to reduce reworking and testing effort of the welding spots. For this purpose, all data generated during the welding process is made available in real time in a cloud-based system. The IOT Connector facilitates data transfer and analysis in the cloud.

Challenge – Reducing reworking and testing efforts for over 5000 welding spots

The welding process is very complex and requires precision. For this matter, data is generated during the process and quality checks are made. Until now, welding process data was only available locally and thus, an overarching and well-founded analysis of the process for global and general disturbance factors from the outside on the process was not possible.

Solution - transfering data from the welding process into the Cloud

The IoT connector is a pure software solution and is installed on a line computer. Bosch Rexroth’s IoT Connector transfers collected data from the welding process into the Cloud. Thus, all process data of the welding controls connected to the lines PC can be processed further. The Use Case also facilitates Audi’s WPS Analytics Use Case that is currently rolled-out in the Audi plant in Neckarsulm. Audi’s Use Case makes use of AI technology to control the quality of their welding spots automatically and in real time. The data is visualized a graphical user interface, a dashboard, that gives an overview of the data analysis and makes it easy to detect quality anomalies.

Key benefits - reducing the costs with real-time data

The IoT connector enables the customer to drastically reduce the costs and time for rework and testing based on the now comprehensive process data and its analysis by providing the necessary data in the cloud. It enables the data analysis of the WPS Analytics Use Case with the result of a more flexible and efficient production. The IoT Connector moved the Volkswagen Group closer towards the goal of a fully connected production.

Finally, it is possible for the welding control to analyze the welding data even across plants in real time.

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