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Accelerating Automotive Production with Proven Solutions - Fireside Chat #8

On November 15th, Volkswagen, AWS, and MHP came together in a Fireside Chat at the Smart Production Solutions (SPS) exhibition in Nuremberg to discuss how the strategic partners are driving the digitalization and are shaping the future landscape of production.

With this year’s theme of “Bringing Automation to Life”, the SPS stands as a unique event in the automation industry and covers the entire spectrum of smart and digital automation. Throughout the three-day event, up to 50,000 visitors have joined the SPS this year, using it as a source of inspiration and innovation.

Meredith Shaw (AWS), Matthias Behrens (VWAG), Daniela Eißfeldt (VWAG), and Daniel Giangrande (MHP), moderated by Frank Göller (VWAG), came together on stage in a Fireside Chat on the second day of the SPS. They all demonstrated the collaboration between Volkswagen, AWS, and MHP and showcased digital solutions that reshape traditional production processes in Volkswagen’s factories by highlighting two use cases – intelligent Sign Inspection (iSI) and integrate_it.

The discussions during the Fireside Chat aimed to dive deeper into how Volkswagen, AWS, and MHP are driving digitalization and are shaping the future landscape of production. Hence, topics such as Volkswagen's Digital Production Platform (DPP) and its scaling strategy, the Industrial Cloud Ecosystem, and success stories of the use cases were the focal points throughout the Fireside Chat. Moreover, several highlights gave the Fireside Chat a vivid atmosphere: In the beginning, the DPP was described metaphorically as the seeds that production plants can choose from to spur the degree of innovation and efficiency at their production processes. After, AWS was described as the fertilizer for such seeds because they enable the plants to make informed decisions and optimize their production cycles. Furthermore, the DPP, Catena-X, and MHP's Industrial Cloud Solutions (ICS) were highlighted as the three pillars for a fully connected production and supply chains that help become more efficient, sustainable, and resilient. Last but not least, as part of the Industrial Computer Vision (ICV) services and ICS, the two use cases iSl and integrate_it were presented to share inspiring successful stories with the audience.

Not only demonstrated our participants of the Fireside Chat their outstanding professional expertise but also did the audience show high interest in the discussions and interacted with the speakers.

To sum up, a dynamic automotive production landscape forces companies to rethink sustainable growth and competitive advantages. Constantly evolving technical solutions have become the norm and need to be embraced by market players. Volkswagen, AWS, and MHP have come together to address exactly such pain points and have made a strong claim for their market position. The Fireside Chat showed the strength of the Alliance and the will to keep collaborating and co-creating valuable solutions.

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