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Performance Monitoring | Obtain transparency

Get started with IIoT quickly and obtain transparency of production KPIs and improve performance

Automotive and production are nowadays facing high pressure to reach productivity targets and a lack of transparency or insights of performance changes of machines, production lines or entire production sites. The difficulty to benchmark performance across lines and plants arises. Plus, rolling out IIoT is also perceived here as challenging and resource-intensive.

Performance Monitoring offers all basic tools to set up and manage your IoT environment. To collect, visualize and analyze production KPIs of machines, production lines or production sites. For optimal usage, the solution provides a basis for data analytics and alerts in case of performance anomalies. Data can thus be analyzed collaboratively, not only to find the root causes of issues, but also to fix them.

The solution allows to get started quickly with analyzing production data, manage KPIs, build dashboards and manage work orders. With help of the performance monitoring application, it is possible to increase 20% in operational efficiency as well as 10% in maintenance efficiency. 

  • Capabilities

    The Performance Monitoring solution provides all of the basic tools needed to connect your operations to the Industrial Internet of Things and manage your IIoT environment effectively and efficiently from Day One. The solution includes the IC SaaS tenant and standard capabilities that provide the foundation for all IC SaaS solutions:

    • General: Tenant, IAM, upgrade tool
    • Operations Insight  & data management: Analyse and orchestrate data; Dashboarding, rules, KPIs (Operations Insight); Policy based access management
    • Advanced Operations Insight  & data management: Advanced KPIs (Operations Insight); Cross tenancy, advanced access management; Data Lake & schema discovery (SDI)
  • Functionalities

    With the  Siemens Performance Monitoring solution it is possible to explore the performance and condition of assets, products or lines in real time, get full and harmonized transparency and root cause of the data from connected assets, calculate KPIs, drill-down analysis, assign work orders and get automatically notified on critical conditions. The solution has following explorative functionalities:

    • Explore Dashboards to visualize data and other information
    • Explore Assets provides an overview of assets, search and filter for assets, displays asset data
    • Explore Events shows events of different severities
    • Explore Work Orders is used to initiate work orders, change their status, priority and assignees
  • Technical Requirements

    • The Performance Monitoring solution includes an IC SaaS tenant and standard apps, including the Operations Insight app.
    • To visualize and analyze IIoT data within the Performance Management solution, the data needs to be collected from hardware devices and sensors (on premise) and transferred to the IC SaaS tenant (in the cloud). IC SaaS provides multiple and easy-to-implement connectivity solutions to onboard a wide range of assets, both out-of-the-box and as add-on subscriptions. This includes both hardware and software-based connectivity solutions for brown-and greenfield environments.
    • Users need the ability to connect and onboard assets to their IC SaaS tenant. In order to configure right measurement points, they need an understanding of the drivers of production performance. The solution can be easily configured and used by anyone with that background.
  • Supported industries

    • Industrial Machinery & Manufcturing
    • Automotive
    • Aerospace
    • Process Industry
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