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Comprehensive Portfolio of Proven IIoT Solutions

The Industrial Cloud portfolio is powered by leading peers such as Volkswagen, AWS, Siemens and MHP Management- & IT-Beratung GmbH. The solutions allow companies to focus their resources, optimize production, create new business opportunities for smart products, and improve operational efficiency across the entire value chain. The Industrial Cloud supports a diverse community of parts suppliers, technology providers, system integrators, independent software vendors (ISVs), logistics providers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The Industrial Cloud portfolio connects production to the cloud and facilitates the sharing and exchange of data to enable the development of new digital solutions

What are the deployment options?

Industrial Cloud solutions are currently available with one deployment model: Industrial Cloud (multi-tenant) SaaS, which is built on AWS.

  • For those, who want to access IC solutions as a shared service: Industrial Cloud SaaS

    • IC SaaS is a fully managed multi-tenant platform that delivers Industrial IoT as a Service to the IC Community
    • Each Consumer has an IC SaaS tenant where they can securely collect, manage, aggregate and transform data from their IIoT devices and production systems
    • Standard components provide production-proven, configurable capabilities for asset management, fleet management, performance monitoring, etc.
    • Additional applications and solutions are available from multiple Contributors in the IC Marketplace as SaaS subscriptions; those applications are centrally deployed and operated by the Contributors, eliminating the need for Consumers to deploy and manage applications on their own
    • The Launchpad provides users with role-based access to all of their IC SaaS applications and components
    • Consumers can collaborate with other Consumers by enabling read-only access to their data; the Consumer sharing the data always remains the exclusive owner of that data with full control over it
    • IC SaaS is a unique approach that reduces IT costs and complexity for both Consumers and Contributors
  • How does the Industrial Cloud connect production to the cloud?


    The Industrial Cloud architecture ensures consistent networking and software scaling across manufacturing plants, which includes an application layer, a platform layer, and an IT/OT integration layer.

    The architecture allows easy access to ready-to-use industrial applications, which can be selected from a solution catalogue. Additionally, proven technology stacks and secure cloud-infrastructure enable scalability of applications. The standardized connectivity allows to securely connect to an existing manufacturing environment. The deployment option IC SaaS is subject to the architecture explained. Detailing of the layers will be tailored to your requirements and carried out by our technical experts.

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